I Have A Furry Kitten


You’ve anticipated the brand new arrival by ‘kitten proofing’ your own home and had lots of enjoyable choosing the provider, mattress, blanket, toys and other supplies they will want. This lovable little bundle of fluff is certain to convey you much pleasure. Aisha from Middlesbrough purchased her kitten Muezza from a Gumtree vendor in Sunderland after falling in love with the image of the grey British Shorthair kitten, stated to be eight weeks old, on-line. Sadly, within days Muezza was displaying signs of Giardia, an infectious parasite which causes intestinal problems, and have become very ill. Cats are instinctively stoical creatures and as they age it’s up to us as veterinary professionals and homeowners to determine deteriorations in health. Prevention is better than treatment in terms of fleas and worm burdens as a result of irritation and struggling they can cause. The common use of prescription remedies is by far the easiest way to realize this and since we inventory tablets and spot-ons, treating even the most objectionable of cats is made simple.

Neutering male cats prevents many unwanted behavioural problems. Un-castrated tomcats will patrol a large territory seeking a mate whereas neutered males have a tendency to remain closer to house.

When you bring your kitten house, it’s a good suggestion to take them to your local vet for an intensive check up. Your vet will check them intently for indicators of sickness, in addition to their heartbeat and temperature to ensure they’re in good well being.


If he turns into too rough when playing, stop the sport instantly and say ‘no’. Remember, boisterous behaviour that may seem fun in a kitten can develop into problematic behaviour when the cat is totally grown. Toys do not have to be expensive to entertain your kitten and encourage good playing manners.

A cardboard box with a few holes cut into it’s going to present hours of fun and you can encourage him to tap into his hunting and pouncing instincts by using a fishing rod-type toy. Invite a variety of associates to your own home – ideally of different genders, heights, and hair colour – to help your kitten get used to all types of various individuals.

With delicate dealing with and pleasant contact for no less than an hour a day, your new kitten should quickly be very snug with you and the brand new home. If there are younger youngsters in the residence, be sure that they are taught that a kitten is not a toy however a residing creature who have to be handled with gentleness and respect. Also provide your pet with a lot of alternatives for fascinating, difficult play that will fulfill natural instincts. Toys that they’ll pretend to ‘hunt’ and seize and special posts that can be scratched will help make your kitten a joy to stay with.

A tomcat who wanders is extra more likely to be concerned in a automotive accident or to battle with different males. This brings the risk of physical injury and infection with dangerous viruses similar to Feline Immunodeficiency Virus , which is generally spread by biting. Neutering of males can be done from 4 months of age if each testicles have descended. A Vet or Nurse can check that both testicles are in the appropriate place. Before this, the maternally derived antibodies received from the mother present some protection.


  • We are unable to recommend particular policies, and small print varies widely.
  • Ideally cat litters ought to be placed away from meals and water bowls.
  • These may be filled with soil, sand or any of the big variety of commercially available cat litters.
  • Some insurance policies will only pay out for one year on a single condition, whereas other polices will cowl the condition for the lifetime of the pet.
  • Generally the price of the coverage varies with the level of canopy.

Tips On How To Change Your Kitten’s Food Regimen Safely

The second vaccination is given three weeks later, usually at twelve weeks of age. Vaccines work by stimulating the body to produce its own defence in opposition to an infection. Penmellyn Vets have put collectively this inclusive package deal to provide your kitten the most effective begin in life. Most kittens are still at residence with their mother during their socialisation period, so it’s as much as the owner or breeder to ensure that the kittens are well socialised. You ought to then continue to provide your kitten plenty of positive new experiences when he arrives at his new home. Playing with toys also can avert biting tendencies, play is all about hunting and chewing and it can be a rewarding sensation for a kitten to chew into flesh. Key recommendation is to distract your kitten with a toy as quickly as he starts this type of behaviour.

That’s why at Argos Cat Insurance, we do every little thing we will to get your cat back residence to you. So keep their food and water bowls in a single spot, then they know the place to go. But guarantee they’re far-off from their litter tray, and find a spot that’s easy to clear up any spillages. A small, soft, snoozing spot in your kitten will let them know they’re protected and sound. They’ll spend time sniffing around, so don’t worry if they don’t quiet down right away. To help them settle into their new setting, we’ve clawed together some top suggestions for you all to have the purr-fect homecoming. New kittens are so much fun, but there are some essential things to recollect amid all the excitement.