Indonesia, Has an Amazing Zoo Tourist Spot

Indonesia, Has an Amazing Zoo Tourist Spot
Indonesia, Has an Amazing Zoo Tourist Spot

Indonesia Has an Amazing Zoo Tourist Spot. Family is something very precious. Usually every weekend every family will spend time on vacation in fun places that can spoil the eyes and body, for example, visiting a zoo. In Indonesia, we have amazingly cool and amazing zoo attractions. This zoo is always busy to visit on holidays. A wide variety of cute animals are ready to pamper your family.

Batu Secret Zoo, Malang

Indonesia Has an Amazing Zoo Tourist Spot. Based on a survey conducted by Forbes, Baru Secret Zoo is the best zoo in ASEAN. Wow, it’s not wrong if you can visit this zoo as a tourist destination for your family. The panorama in Batu Secret Zoo can spoil your sight with animals which are of course very cute.

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Bali Safari & Marine Park, Bali

Indonesia Has an Amazing Zoo Tourist Spot. Bali again has tourist attractions that are no less beautiful than the beach. Yes, Bali Safari & Marine Park. Here you can play with animals without any restrictions such as the cage.

Taman Safari Indonesia 2, East Java

East Java does not only have Malang, but you can find Taman Safari Indonesia in East Java. The location of this Safari Park is in Prigen, Pasuruan, East Java. Taman Safari Indonesia 2 is also the best zoo. Besides being cool, this zoo is very large, almost 350 hectares.

Taman Safari Indonesia 1, Bogor

Taman Safari Indonesia 1 domiciled in the Bogor area. Usually, not only families who come here, but also young people are very happy to play at this zoo. Don’t miss out on visiting this zoo.

Pematang Siantar Zoo, North Sumatra

This zoo is located on Jalan Gunung Simanuk-manuk, Pematang Siantar, North Sumatra. The beautiful artist Raline Syah is also very fond of traveling to this zoo. Because it is understood, Ralin Syah’s parents are reportedly one of the important people in the management of this zoo business.

Gembira Loka, Yogyakarta

This zoo, which is located in the student city of Yogyakarta, can be your choice for happy fun with friends, spouse, or family. Gembira Loka not only provides a zoo but there is also a lake that is large enough so that people who visit here can enjoy using a boat like a titanic ship, right?
Gembira Loka also provides a place for a foot massage by small fish that can relax your feet so you can avoid various diseases. Of course, this is an attraction there too.

Ragunan Zoo, South Jakarta

For people who live in Jakarta, surely Ragunan is a good tourist place to see the coolness of nature where all the fauna is here. Of course, you can be an eye pimp when you have worked for days in a metropolitan atmosphere. Ragunan is also never empty of visitors. Whether it’s young people, families, and couples, they always like to visit Ragunan. The atmosphere in Ragunan shows one of the best views in Jakarta.

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