Nowadays, dogs have excessive recognition when it comes to pet adoption in Sweden. Daycares and boarding establishments are established to take care of dogs when their owners are at work. Moreover, the number of pet dogs has reached a high percentage in recent years in Sweden. The number of pet dog adoptions increased from 748 thousand to 920 thousand in the past few years, according to the 2018 reports. 

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Most favorable dogs in Sweden

According to the reports presented in 2018, Labrador Retrievers are the most adopted dog in recent years. In second place comes the German Shepherd and Golden Retriever in the third one. In 2013, 50,497 dogs registered to be adopted, and Labrador Retrievers secured 2,275 pooches among them, marking the highest adopted dogs.

How come Labrador Retrievers became the spotlight?

Beating the popular German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever secured the pole position in Sweden’s pedigree. The core reason pet companies state that people nowadays prefer smaller dogs and German Shepherd exceeds their size limit. Other than that, there are some military restrictions imposed on Sweden’s registry. The Swedish Kennel Club does not register the dogs in their registry that are for basic military operations. Such as the German Shepherd or the Swedish Elkhound that takes part in hunting bears and wild boars.

Characteristics Labrador Retriever hold 

Here are stated some of the attributes that make labrador a choice for the people of Sweden: 

  • Intelligent 
  • Highly trainable
  • Loves playing with children
  • Leans not to play rough easily and quickly
  • Best choice for athletic activities
  • Normal-sized.

Sweden’s environment to tame pet dogs

Sweden provides people with the best services for their pet dogs, and special dog adoption cells are present to help you guide which dog to purchase according to your requirements. One interesting fact is the presence of pet sitters to help assist in dog training and raising in Sweden.


Human owners and dogs share a special bond. Adopting a dog as a pet animal has become the latest trend in the world. Approximately 900 million dogs in the world are pets by humans due to their friendly and playful nature. Many people use them for the safety of their homes. With dogs, matters are exceptional. When compatibility between owners and dogs fatten, there is no way back. Visit the websites and look at the pretty dogs. Maybe you find one friendly dog of yours there!