Spain loves pets – What you need to know before adopting a pet

Spain loves pets – What you need to know before adopting a pet
Spain loves pets – What you need to know before adopting a pet

In Spain, animals will no longer be considered, before the law, as things, but as sentient beings with relative repercussions. This was established by the Madrid Parliament by a unanimous vote, adopting a proposal from the People’s Party aimed at achieving the fact that animals were ultimately considered “living beings endowed with sensitivity”.

With this reform, which could still be subject to changes in the remaining parliamentary path, Spain is moving towards other European countries, such as Germany, France, Austria, Portugal, and Switzerland, which have already legislated to prevent animals from being considered being simple objects in the legal field.

Animal protection in Spain

Although in Spain this long-awaited approach comes from the animal rights community and beyond, unfortunately, there are still many gaps or paradoxes in the legislation that leave some “groups of animals” uncovered by legal protection in terms of animal welfare and protection.

Of these, scandalously, we can mention, for example, free cats, protected only by autonomous ordinances, when they exist and not national level. As I could see through, pets are loved in Spain, even because of the shops for them such as miscota. A place where you will find everything your pet needs.

Madrid will no longer kill stray animals

El Refugio, a Spanish organization specializing in the protection of abandoned dogs and cats, has been fighting for the 20-year law “Sacrificio cero” (zero suppression).

The law, as the name suggests, categorically prohibits the euthanasia of stray dogs and cats. After a struggle that lasted for years, El Refugio founded precisely for this purpose, reaching and exceeding the goal. The conquest is not just about legal suppression, but also includes stricter rules against ill-treatment and abandonment; in addition, a birth control system and adoption campaigns. A good result, don’t you think?

Before adopting a pet

Well, we never tire of saying that you need to be fully aware of what it means to adopt an animal. Before taking a dog, cat, or any other pet into your home, you need to consider a few things:

  • Your economic availability – Many people, for example, love big dogs; Before adopting one, remember that they involve a certain investment, in terms of money and time. Unfortunately, the current job uncertainty needs to be taken into account;
  • Monitor the sexual life of your four-legged friend – If you can’t take care of bedding, think twice before letting it mate. No matter how purebred your dog is and you intend to sell puppies, keep in mind that you may not be able to fix them all;
  • Accept your pet as it is – An animal has its personality and character and is a living being that cannot be rejected when we do not like its behavior. Would you do that with a child? No, so don’t do it with your dog or cat;
  • An animal is not a toy – It is a living being that we must love and care for throughout our lives. We must not follow the whim of a moment, ours or our children’s. We don’t have to fall in love with the puppy and then throw it away from the adult as if it were paper waste. Think carefully before taking a dog with you;