Tips for Choosing the Right Food for Your Pets

Tips for Choosing the Right Food for Your Pets
Tips for Choosing the Right Food for Your Pets

The basic differences between dogs and cats

Tips for Choosing the Right Food for Your Pets. When we decide to get a pet, dog or cat, we must understand very well about the food that is suitable for them. Food is essential for animals to produce energy and to run all body systems. Therefore, as animal lovers, don’t choose the wrong type of food for our pets. The provision of food for dogs and cats cannot be equated. Although dogs and cats have the same body morphology, they have different needs. Dogs are omnivores that can eat various types of food from meat, vegetables, fruit, while cats are true carnivores that only eat meat.

Nutrition needed by dogs and cats

Tips for Choosing the Right Food for Your Pets. The most important nutrition cats need is the protein found in meat, fish, or eggs. Minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and iron are also required for enzyme formation, oxygen circulation, and pH balance. Fat also plays an important role in maintaining healthy skin and hair. You don’t want your cat to become dehydrated due to lack of water. In general, dogs need the same nutrition as cats, it’s just that dogs need carbohydrates for energy.

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Commercial pet food or homemade feed

Pet food or food for animals is available in various types at varying prices. Basically, pet food is divided into 2, namely commercial feed and homemade feed.

The commercial feed consists of dry food (dry food that looks like cereal, is a small round, some are like fish, donuts) and wet food (wet feed which is usually packaged in cans or pouches). Dry food contains less than 10% water, while wet food contains 70% water. Usually, there are also commercial foods that are specific to certain conditions “prescription diet” or also grouped by a certain race.

This determination is of course based on research from the respective nutrition teams, usually given to sick cats. The advantages of commercial feed are practical, easy to obtain, varied prices, and many choices. But it is necessary to pay attention to the packing conditions and quality.

Storage of wet feed must be correct because it will rot easily, as well as dry feed which can become moldy if stored improperly. The portion of the provision must be considered so that malnutrition or obesity does not occur.Now, homemade feeding is rarely done because it takes time and costs more. But it is no less useful if it is done to provide a variety of foods to our pets so they don’t get bored.

It should be noted that for dogs and cats there are differences in diet. Dogs need ingredients other than protein such as fruit, vegetables, and little carbohydrates. But cats can only be given protein because they are true carnivores or eat meat, fish. Also, need to pay attention to ingredients that can be consumed and not for dogs cats.