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Make sure each family member spends time enjoying and bonding with your kitten. Their play area is an important a part of their territory and they need space to run, climb and conceal. Cats significantly love being up high, so if there aren’t sufficient places for them to perch it’s worth buying a cat tree. Your kitten’s first few days and weeks with you will influence how they integrate with your loved ones and whether they develop into a cheerful, sociable cat. Here are some methods to determine routines that can give your kitten the absolute best start. Socialisation should start as early as potential, to avoid any undesirable behaviours and help them become confident, even tempered adult cats.

Any sudden adjustments in your kitten’s food regimen can cause digestive upsets and stress. So, for the primary week, give your kitten the same meals and feeding routine as their previous owner. Then you’ll be able to slowly swap to a different routine, if you select, and kitten food suitable for his or her age. Cats want their territory organised in separate areas for feeding, resting, cleaning and playing. Watch how your kitten uses the house and make changes if necessary so that they’re comfy. You could, for example, need to maneuver their bed higher or their litter tray farther from their food. When you arrive residence, put the cat box in a room you’ve ready on your kitten and open the door.

They’ll perform greeting behaviour with their tail up, and sometimes sleep and spend time collectively. When you are able to remove the barrier , be sure that each cat has their very own food bowl, water bowl, hiding place, excessive perch, litter tray, and bed, plus one additional of each merchandise. When the cats are attempting to sniff and examine each other, allow them to have bodily contact for a short period. If any growling or hissing happens, put up the barrier once more and take a look at once more when they’re calm. You can build up the time they’re in touch after they seem joyful and reward with a small treat when they’re shut to one another.

A kitten’s digestive system may be very delicate and may be upset by sudden modifications. When you’re prepared to alter your kitten’s food, it’s essential to make the transition carefully and slowly to keep away from digestive points.

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During the first few days of having your kitten, attempt to not overwhelm them by having a lot of guests. Once your kitten has settled into his/her new home and gained some confidence you possibly can encourage folks to return and visit for socialisation. We discover properties for undesirable cats, canine, small pets and horses across the UK. Sign up to our free Kitten Knowhow emails and we’ll e-mail you all through your kitten’s journey into adulthood with in-depth advice and steerage from Blue Cross pet professionals. Make sure your kitten has every little thing they need similar to access to the litter tray, fresh water, meals, a favorite toy and a blanket. Then use a sign similar to turning the lights off or down to show it’s bedtime. They might cry in the course of the first few nights, but they’ll quickly learn that you just’ll return in the morning and really feel secure within the routine.

  • This doesn’t mean you don’t have to consider the socialisation period although.
  • You should never undertake a kitten before it is eight weeks old, and a few breeders may keep them with their mother and littermates until they’re 12 weeks old.
  • By that stage they should be weaned and have learned the fundamental social abilities they need to work together with other cats.
  • Between eight and sixteen weeks old is also after they begin to know their position within the household, so it’s a good time to resettle them with you.

Get your customer to disregard the kitten and solely work together when your kitten seeks consideration from them. If your visitor approaches them immediately and makes a fuss over them, this might be very scary for them. If they are nervous, don’t force them – we would like them to make the choice to attempt new things themselves.

If possible, earlier than your kitten is introduced home, try ‘scent swapping’. Ideally, this ought to be carried out as early as possible to get every cat used to each other’s scent. If you already have a cat in the home, you’ll need to introduce them slowly and thoroughly to make sure the meeting goes as easily as attainable.


Not getting along or having sufficient sources can lead to stress in one or both cats. If your cat is stressed, they spend less time consuming, grooming, enjoying, and spend more time hiding and resting. If both of your cats do this, make certain they both have plenty of area to flee one another and don’t drive them to interact. You can tell in case your cats are getting along by watching their behaviour when they are together. Cats which might be a part of the same social group and getting alongside nicely will groom one another and rub up towards one another.

Getting a new pet is a really huge commitment, so it’s necessary to contemplate ongoing prices and whether they’re definitely the proper pet for you. You can take our quiz for some steering on the pet that would fit your family finest. Finally enjoy your time with your kitten, attempt to stay as calm as possible, as it will assist your new addition regulate to family life much more rapidly. Please do not hesitate to contact the surgery with any questions or queries whether or not they be medical or behavioural. By introducing your kitten to this area first you might be providing a sense of continuity, as they’ll spend a proportion of his/her time here every day.